The Call of Duty 4 Advantage Tool for Mac OS X 10.7+
A COD4 multitool for Mac players with virtually hundreds of functions. First of its kind for Mac. Better than ever!
Top features includes: level 55 easy account generator, permanent UAV, no recoil, anti-spread, sv_cheats bypass and many more...

Getting your copy
The Advantage Tool - Call of Duty 4 Hacks for Mac OS X only

Our tool is full of features. You have complete control over which features you would like to turn on, and which are to be left off. This can be changed at any time while the tool is running.

This table shows some of the top features included in the tool. Hover your mouse over individual features to find out more!

Free 1 Month Subscription
Laser enabler
Account generator (to level 4) (to level 55) (to level 55)
Custom map range
CVAR unlocker
FPS Booster
No recoil
Permanent UAV
Beta invitations
Automatic renewals
Reliable email support
You are less than 10 minutes away from receiving your own copy of The Advantage Tool!
Price free £4.99
(£6.99 first month)

If you have any further questions or experience any issues, feel free to contact us and our friendly team will assist you!

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  • Friendly support via email
  • Get your own copy of the tool
  • Your own personal tool license
  • Free updates within subscription period
  • Automatic/manual renewal options

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    Laser Light Sample | Easy Account Demo

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    Feedback from our members

    “I have a 3 kd on it haha because of your tool
    no recoil works so well with certain guns and no one can tell if you play correctly„
    - Alex, member since 2012

    “Ever since I started using The Advantage Tool, I have gone 40/2-5 almost every game. No one ever suspects that I can see them through the smoke. This is probably the best tool for the mac.„
    - Anonymous, member since 2013

    “I would rate you a 5 / 5 stars for customer service, because you reply very quickly.„
    - Anonymous, member since 2014

    “Great tool! Thanks again for creating the Easy Account tool. Lost all my stats in a computer switch.„
    - Anonymous, member since 2014

    “I use to be a decent player with a ratio of 1 or 1.2 then after using this tool on the server I often play on my kill to death ratio increased rapidly„
    - JSk, member since 2014

    “i love every feature i use them all
    its awesome because i would be picking kids off from across the map with LMG ahhaah i love that !!„
    - N-, member since 2016

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    Please contact us to place a custom order:

    support @ OurDomainName

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    The tool is designed for Mac users by Mac users. It's easy to use and easy to set up.


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