The Call of Duty 4 Advantage Tool for Mac OS X 10.7+
A COD4 multitool for Mac players with virtually hundreds of functions. First of its kind for Mac. Better than ever!
Top features includes: level 55 easy account generator, permanent UAV, no recoil, anti-spread, sv_cheats bypass and many more...

About the Tool

The Advantage Tool is a dynamic and self-configuring multi-tool made for Mac OS X players of the popular multiplayer game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Although there are hundreds of these "game hacks", none of them are usable on Mac OS X. This is the first of its kind for Mac OS X!


The tool itself is compatible with the latest versions of Call of Duty 4: MW. It is designed to use minimal amounts of system resources to prevent it from slowing down your gameplay. In fact, it has a FPS booster to speed up your game if you're having problems!

No previous computer know-how is required in order to use The Advantage Tool. It detects the game automatically, recognizes the game version and configures itself. The interface makes the features clear, easy to understand and easy to control

For a detailed list of features click here!

We actively support our customers should they have any questions or concerns. If you have a question, contact us using the link in the menubar.


System Requirements

  • • Mac OS X Lion or later (10.7+)
  • • Latest Call of Duty 4: MW installed
    => list of supported versions.
  • • Admin Authentication for Game Access
    => details.
  • • Disk space (<5 MB)
In order for the tool to access the game, the tool requires elevated privileges to be granted by the user. This is a requirement set by the operating system, without which the tool cannot function. These privileges allow the tool to access other processes running on your machine (Call of Duty 4 multiplayer only, in this case)
In order to gain these privileges, the tool makes use of a Mac OS X foundation API named the "Authorization Service" (click for technical information).

For security reasons the tool will never remember your authentication details. As a consequence, the tool will ask you for privileges when it is launched.

You can see an example of this in our laser sample, one of two free demos:

Try the laser sample

Have any questions or concerns? Contact us, we're happy to help!

If your computer meets all these requirements you won't experience any issues with running and using The Advantage Tool. If something does go wrong, we're here to help you.

We recommend trying our Demo first. If the Demo works, you won't experience any problems with the tool itself. Should you have any further questions, check the FAQ or contact us!

Easy Account Generator
Reach maximum rank and unlock everything...


Ever had your stats reset? With the help of the tool you can unlock everything in just a few mouse clicks.

Never worry about having to spend hours getting your favourite guns and perks back again!

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Disable Recoil
Remove kickback completely...


Pinpoint your targets with deadly precision with even the most powerful weapons.

Eliminating the recoil on weapons allows you to fire subsequent shots with the same deadly accuracy.

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Cheat Protection Bypass
Unlock the true tweaking potential...


Gain access to 100s of previously locked commands within the COD4 in-game console with the click of a button.

Freely tweak your game to match your preferences!

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The tool is designed for Mac users by Mac users. It's easy to use and easy to set up.


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