The Call of Duty 4 Advantage Tool for Mac OS X 10.7+
A COD4 multitool for Mac players with virtually hundreds of functions. First of its kind for Mac. Better than ever!
Top features includes: level 55 easy account generator, permanent UAV, no recoil, anti-spread, sv_cheats bypass and many more...

Frequently Asked Questions

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• Are there screenshots or videos showing the tool in action?

Sure thing! Check out our YouTube Channel for videos of the tool being used.

• Can my friend use my license on his computer?

Each license can be used on a single computer only. Unauthorized use of your license on more than one machine may result in the automatic deactivation of your license. Please do not share or distribute your copy of our tool without our permission. If you have friends who are interested, refer them to our website for a reward or contact us to purchase in bulk!

• Do I have to buy a new 1 month license every month?

You have complete freedom in how you want to keep your license active. We offer subscriptions to help you save time and money in the long term, or monthly purchase for those that play in bursts. Only the subscriptions renew automatically until you cancel - the monthly license needs to be manually renewed.

• Does the tool work with mods?

The tool has only been tested with a handful of mods, including the "Reign of the undead" zombies mod, although we are aware of a number of our members competitively using this tool in promod. Since the tool has not been extensively tested with 3rd party mods there may be some issues. If you see any issues, please bring them to our attention.

• How do I download The Advantage Tool?

Users can download the latest version from the members page with their active membership details. The full tool is only available to users with an active license.

Refer to the following page for more details on obtaining your own license: obtain a license.

• I have a game or OS X version that isn't listed, will the tool work with it?

If your game or OS X version wasn't listed here, please contact us for updated information.

• My game version is 1.7.549, can I use the tool?

1.7.549 isn’t the real version code. All the newer versions show the same code on the bottom right corner of the screen. The actual build versions can vary.

The actual version number can be found in the info.plist in the contents or in the “Get Info” window of the multiplayer app.
This is explained in the readme included with the tool. For an updated list of currently supported game versions, click here.

• My game suffers from lag, can the tool help?

The tool has a powerful feature creatively named the "FPS Booster". By sacrificing graphics quality, performance receives a signficiant boost. For more information on the FPS booster, as well as our benchmark tests, refer to the FPS booster release announcement.

• What if it doesn't work?

If your OS X version and game versions are up-to-date it will. In the unlikely event something goes wrong - contact us. Any lost time while we fix a problem is reimbursed. We ensure you receive the full month you pay for.

• What is The Advantage Tool?

The Advantage Tool is a game assistant for the multiplayer version of Call of Duty 4 for Mac OS X. It influences the way the program game while it is running. Any changes it makes to the game are temporary. If you restart the game, you have to re-apply any changes you previously made. The exception is the level 55 account generator - the changes from this are pemermanent, although it actively makes backups before making any changes to your saved game.

Read this page for more information: about the tool.

• Where are the details about individual features?

For information on individual tool features, please refer to the features FAQ.

• Which versions of Mac OS X are supported?

The Advantage Tool has been tested on these versions of Mac OS X:

  • - 10.7
  • - 10.8
  • - 10.9
  • - 10.10
  • - 10.11
  • - 10.12

• Which versions of Call of Duty 4: MW are supported?

For an updated list of currently supported game versions, click here.

• Which features does the tool have?

The tool is full of features. We add more as we discover more! Refer to the following page for a selection of top features: features, or the features FAQ.

• Why is admin authentication needed to access the game?

When The Advantage Tool is launched it will always ask for authentication first before continuing. The reason is simple:

In order for the tool to access the game, the tool requires elevated privileges to be granted by the user. This is a requirement set by the operating system, without which the tool cannot function. These privileges allow the tool to access other processes running on your machine (Call of Duty 4 multiplayer only, in this case)

In order to do this it makes use of a Mac OS X foundation API named the Authorization Service (click for more info).

• Will I get banned from the game for using this online?

As long as the tool is used sensibly, the simple answer is no. The game will warn you if any unusual features are detected, giving you time to react before a server may decide to kick you.

The key reason users get caught, is by making it too obvious they have an unfair advantage over other players. Examples include sitting behind thin walls with the wallhack prototype or X-Ray vision enabled, and picking off enemies. While you may see your enemies clearly, when viewing your killcam you will be seen as shooting at a wall.

• Will this break my game?

Except for the easy account generator, all changes made to your game by the tool are completely temporary. The easy account generator creates a new profile, after making a backup of your old profile. This change is permanent, unless you restore the backup.

Since all other features only temporarily affect your game, as soon as you close the tool and relaunch your game, the effects are gone. There is no need to worry about game corruption.

Note: please make sure you read the note above on bans. As stated in the EULA provided with the download, we cannot be held responsible nor liable should a user's game key get banned from irresponsible behaviour. It is up to the user to ensure the tool is used sensibly.

• Will you charge me every month if I buy a 1 month license?

We will never charge you without your permission. The 1 month license is a single purchase that is made by you. Once this month expires, the tool will notify you with the option to extend your membership. This can be done at any time, even before your membership expires.

• I have more questions?

If you have more questions, we encourage you to contact us! We're happy to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

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